Event Design and Scenic Builds

A collection of 3D event mockups for corporate events. All built to scale using site blue prints and floorplans, and collaboration with designers and logistics crews for real world builds.

Prominent and well renowned Companies

Despite the stringent demands of high profile clients, I work in harmony with coordinators and and event staff to deliver quality work within extremely tight deadlines.

Corporate Events

I  work with top staff and production designers to ensure that the event is exactly how they envisioned it.

Birthdays & Weddings

Mock up any kind of event, of any size, in any place.

Same Event. Different Looks.

Display a stage from different angles with multiple media and lighting options.

Call-Outs for Logistics

From vendor supplied stage backdrops to custom assemblies, I will work with set builders and fabricators to bring it to life.

Seamless Collaboration with Designers

No matter how unconventional the idea, I can create it virtually to specification for real world translation.  Show a client what the event will look like before the first drape is purchased.